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Work in Canada
WiC - Canada Working Holidays

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1. Working Holiday Visa - Canada
2. Travel Insurance
3. Canada Tax Refund

1 - Working Holiday Visa - Canada 

If you are planning a working holiday to Canada, you definitely need a 'Work Permit' allowing you permission to work in Canada.

'Work in Canada' offer you free assistance when applying for your visa as part of our WiC - Working Holiday Program - if you have any queries regarding your admissibility, eligibilty  or age, please complete our call back request form 

IEC Working Holiday Visa -  $226 CAD 

Age  Requirement

Valid passport 

Criminal Record Check/Police Check
Have no criminal convictions nor drink driving charges

Processing time from when first submitting your application
Allow at least 8 weeks for processing of your visa application (longer if you incorrectly submit, or are requested to provide additional evidence)  

In addition to the above as part of your visa requirements  - you must also be able to show the following on entry into Canada.

Proof of Funds you may be asked on arrival in Canada to verify proof of funds of at least $2,500 CAD 

Please Note:
25th-29th September 2017 will be the final round of Canada Working holiday visa invitations for 2017,  opportunities are still available to apply before then - contact us for more info.

Travel Insurance - you must hold a Travel Insurance Policy for the entire duration of your working holiday in Canada  and may be asked to show proof of evidence at a Border entry into Canada. 'Work in Canada' can assist you with a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy

2 - Travel Insurance

It is recommended all travelers should take out a good quality Comprehensive Travel Insuranance Policy as medical costs in Canada can be very expensive, we all know accidents can happen and hopefully it won't happen to you! 

Travel Insurance is probably the least exciting thing you can think of when arranging your big Canadian adventure, but sometimes things don't always go as planned. That's why its worth having a look at the Insurance below.  Your insurance should cover things like travel, lost luggage, theft, health card, dental, hospitalisation and repatriation, and Ski/Snowboarding activities (winter) - the smallest incident can end up costing you a lot of money.  You must maintain a Travel/Medical Insurance Policy for the lenght of time you are in Canada.

Your 1Cover Travel Insurance can also be renewed while you are overseas 

From Australia:

Click on the banner for your quote or to purcahase

From New Zealand:

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   Claim your Canada Tax Refund

3 - Canada Tax Refund
When working in Canada you will pay income tax from 15% - 29%. The end of the Canadian Financial Year ends December 31st.

Right now, thinking about tax is probably the last thing on your mind, but come the end of the tax year it could be worth a lot to you, with taxback.com they will take care of your tax headaches and get your tax refund back as well. Their tax professionals will help you skip the paper-pushing and allow you to spend more time doing the things you most enjoy.

How big your refund will be will depend on factors like how long you worked, how much tax you paid and what expenses you can claim. Taxback.com provide all their clients with a free tax refund estimation. You might be due a refund if you overpaid tax, changed jobs or have tax refundable expenses.

Benefits of using Taxback.com
24/7 Chat/Help Live support
Free tax refund estimation
Easy to use forms

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